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Identify, Strategize, Engage

Identify, Strategize, Engage

Identify, Strategize, Engage

Identify, Strategize, EngageIdentify, Strategize, Engage

Understanding and Shifting the Conversation


We adapt to meet the needs of our clients, specializing in initiatives that address threats and/or opportunities to support licenses to operate. This includes:

Strategic Considerations - In the new global economy, it is important to anticipate how changing regulatory and cultural considerations could affect strategy, marketing and business operations in existing and new markets. We analyze these landscapes to identify the major forces shaping them and outline recommendations for managing risk to both regulatory and societal licenses to operate in the immediate, mid, and long term horizon.

Stakeholder Engagement - A range of factors can impact the views and positions of key stakeholder audiences (i.e. international institutions, business ventures, public policy leaders, and consumers). Utilizing our direct and partner network, we engage a 360 review of stakeholder dynamics to craft outreach and communication initiatives that are appropriately sensitive to such factors. 

National Partnerships and Coalitions - International initiatives are increasingly facing the challenge of divergent national priorities. In this shifting political environment, aligning goals with local interests is imperative to realize success. We are skilled in identifying, forming and running nationally focused partnerships and coalitions around policy initiatives to reinforce the scope and importance of international policy changes.

How We Can Help You


- Historical Retention, New Target Engagement, Organizational Development - 

We understand the importance of relationship management to the success of any mission. Indeed, whether you are engaging a new initiative or seeking to bring new life to an existing organization, it is an integral component to any strategic change.  

We believe that effective relationship management should not have to manage disputes or engage in conflict resolution. Though equipped to handle these matters should they arise, the process of relationship management should be able to identify potential problems prior to occurring. Further, it should understand how to address them before they become something more significant.

This approach to relationship management is the cornerstone of all of our services and work to develop and / or deepen the level of trust in the relationships of our clients, with stakeholders and supporters alike, to realize their goals.


- Regulatory Trends, Cultural Challenges, Electoral Concerns - 

We understand the value of information; in receiving, having, and sharing it. We work with our clients to understand fully the substantive nature of their policy concerns and then comprehensively monitor the policy and political environment for any information that may have an impact on their efforts.   

We are able to do this by accessing a broad personal network throughout both North America and Europe - with loci in major national capitals.  This personal network is supplemented by a network of professional partnerships throughout these locations.

We share information gathered on behalf of clients in real time, ensuring that they are aware of any shifting considerations that may impact the realization of their goals. 


- Market Incumbents, New Sector Entrants, Financial Backers - 

We understand the distinct opportunities and challenges that new technologies present to both the regulatory environment and consumer market.  We have experience with clients of all sizes - from early stage startups creating a new market to established corporates incorporating technology in a novel manner.

We understand the questions policymakers may have as a result of disruption and the distinct challenges that  companies face in answering them. 

We generate thoughtful and substantive content to identify and explain how to navigate potential regulatory barriers to market expansion.


- Single Issue, Sector Specific, Cross Industry - 

We understand the importance of credibility when engaging in any policy focused advocacy or stakeholder engagement initiative.  We have a demonstrable record of working on a range of policies - including intellectual property, competition, cybersecurity, privacy, encryption, artificial intelligence, and neurotechnology - underpinning the new global economy.

This experience allows us to craft and help implement policy initiatives sensitive to the client’s risk level while engaging in dialogue with policymakers to effectuate the intended goals. To support those efforts, we work with clients to identify international institutions, business ventures and public policy leaders as potential policy partners whose interests might align for a common goal. 

Further, we are known for proactively connecting new coalitions and associations to build up policy initiatives. We view these efforts as a continually evolving campaign and work to identify emerging stakeholders with the potential to support common interests.