Paris, France
Identify, Strategize, Engage

Identify, Strategize, Engage

Identify, Strategize, Engage

Identify, Strategize, EngageIdentify, Strategize, Engage

The Events We Track




Humanity 2.0 Forum 2020

Vatican City

8 May 2020

Viva Technology 2020

Paris, France

11-12 June 2020

North American International Auto Show 2020

Detroit, Michigan

June 2020


ChangeNOW: International Summit for Change

Paris, France

30 January - 1 February 2020

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

Davos, Switzerland

January 2020

Internet Governance Forum 2019: One World. One Net. One Vision.*

Berlin, Germany

25-29 November 2019

*Rappateur for the Dynamic Coalition on the Internet of Things

WomenRule EU Summit

Brussels, Belgium

27 June 2019

ChIPs Inaugural European Summit

Paris, France

20 June 2019


Paris, France

16-19 May 2019

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

Davos, Switzerland

January 2019

Healthcare Data Institute AI Summit*

Paris, France

15 November 2018

*Keynote Speaker

Internet Governance Forum 2018: The Internet of Trust*

Paris, France

12-14 November 2018

*Rapporteur for the Dynamic Coalition on the Internet of Things

Politico Artificial Intelligence Summit: Innovation and Governance*

Brussels, Belgium

March 2018


What We Regularly Read


There's a lot of information out there and it's hard not to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data coming at you day in and out.  While we regularly scan the political and industry news outlets, we regularly find interesting food for thought at these sources:

Aspen Institute 5 Ideas

RANE Network Newsletter

AEI Ideas

World Economic Forum


6 Things Tech World Leaders Fear (TIME, 28 January 2019)

  • The concerns of today shape the policies of tomorrow.  It is important to understand these fears - of consumers, politicians, and technology leaders, to name a few - in order to properly anticipate any potential arguments raised to new products or understand the motivating factors for any proposed regulations to new technologies.

How Our Brains Make the World (Iain McGilchrist, American Enterprise Institute, 15 January 2019)

  • Understanding what drives people - what makes them happy, what makes them feel satisfied, heard - is an imperative part of engaging them whether in day to day interactions or more business policy discussions.
  • Any effective and comprehensive strategy must address the different response centers of the brain appropriately.  In order to do this, it is imperative to have at least some working knowledge of how the brain operates and what different aspects of it respond to, across cultures.

Why It Pays to Declutter Your Digital Life (BBC, 6 January 2019)

  • I am doing a lot of work on flow, how to achieve peak performance, and how to more readily identify your personal triggers and those of others.  The overabundance of information is a huge one and digital hoarding is becoming a very real problem for people - keeping them from thinking clearly, from prioritizing, from seeing bigger pictures as they get lost in the details.

American Workers Seek Learning and Development Programs to Close Skills Gap (Morning Consult and The Prudential, 16 December 2018)

  • Skills, and the question of how to give the current and next generation of workers, the best ones is a conversation taking place around the world.  Important to understand the American perspective.

Barnier Slide for EU-UK Brexit Negotiations (European Commission, December 2017)

  • This slide has been oft cited since it was drawn up to demonstrate the options in trade negotiations and has been a good resource both in understanding and putting the discussions in perspective.
  • We always get a kick out of the reference of these options as the “stairway to hell.”  It’s all a matter of perspective, I guess.