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With over a decade and a half of experience working with companies as a senior policymaker, inside counsel, and strategic adviser, Ryan Triplette understands the importance of identifying policy shifts sitting on the political horizon and their potential impact on business interests.  

Her deep expertise (primarily within the technology sector) allows Canary Global Strategic to track the international policy and regulatory environment, providing an "early warning system" to clients of key trends in a range of business priorities, the potential barriers to market entry they may present, and how to proactively address the concerns they raise.


Canary Global Strategic is founded on the belief that for innovation to thrive in a manner to improve the quality of life of its users, one must directly engage and educate your target audience. We believe that successful and effective initiatives must tell a story - of the risk leveraged, the need for change, and the intended (and unintended) effects.

This focus on action and impact is comprehensive and unique to Canary Global Strategic.   It assumes that while risk is a necessity for growth, it is best managed with a thorough understanding of goals, potential obstacles and action outcomes.  Each initiative presents singular considerations for crafting a strategic approach for policy leadership, political engagement and the impact of those actions on branding and communication.


Canary Global Strategic works with our clients to:

(1) identify policy and political barriers to growth; 

(2) strategize how to address them in a distinct and individual manner; and

(3) engage on their behalf with utmost integrity and excellence.

Specialities include:

International trends in government regulation; 

Strategic considerations for businesses of all sizes; 

Identifying partnerships and coalitions as a resource; and 

Emerging technology issues for traditional industries.

What We Do

While we are always adapting to meet the needs of our clients, some of our specialties include: 

(1) International Trends in Government Regulation - We seek to understand how international policymakers approach some of the core business concerns of the day, focusing on matters related to intellectual property, competition, security of data flows, and consumer information management.

(2) Strategic Considerations - When crafting a comprehensive plan of engagement, we fully account for the risk willingness of the client balanced with the the political sensitivities of policymaker(s).

(3) Partnerships and Coalitions - We have experience both identifying, forming, and running partnerships and coalitions around policy initiatives to reinforce the scope and importance of proposed policy changes.

(4) Emerging Technology Issues - We have extensive experience working with traditional industries with increasingly technology focused products to craft innovation focused policy initiatives.

How We Do It


We craft and help implement policy initiatives that are sensitive to the risk level of the client while engaging in a dialogue with policymakers that can effectuate the intended goals.

Mediation and Crisis Management

We have experience negotiating compromises and can serve as unique resource for mediation and crisis management of matters implicating policy shifts.

Growth and New Global Market Challenges

 We can generate thoughtful and substantive content that identifies and explains potential regulatory barriers to market expansion, and how to navigate them.  

Challenges to Startups and Venture Firms

New / early stage companies increasingly seek to disrupt historically staid industries.  This disruption presents distinct challenges that companies, especially those with limited financial and human assets, must answer to achieve success.   We have extensive experience crafting strategies for startups and venture firms to understand and plan for the dynamics and limitations of these early stages.

Partnerships and Coalitions

We work with our clients to identify  international institutions, business ventures and public policy leaders as potential policy partners, bearing in mind their interests and how we might work together for a common goal.

We also have extensive experience in proactively building new coalitions and associations to build up policy initiatives.  We view these entities as a continually evolving campaign and we work to identify emerging stakeholders who have the potential to support common interests.

Policy and Political Intelligence

We understand the value of information; in receiving, having, and sharing it. We work with our clients to understand fully the substantive nature of their policy concerns and then comprehensively monitor the policy and political environment for any information that may have an impact on their efforts.   

Who We Are

Ryan Triplette

Ryan Triplette has spent the majority of her professional career seeking to understand the policy implications of some of the most complex issues - with a focus on intellectual property, security, and competition matters - facing businesses today.  She founded Canary Global Strategic after deciding to relocate to Europe, seeking to combine the expertise obtained working with early stage and mature companies with expanding relationships across the European professional community, to provide invaluable resource for business interests seeking to engage policymakers on a range of issues of international import.

Prior to founding Canary, Ryan was a Principal at the Franklin Square Group, a bipartisan boutique firm based in Washington, DC specializing in technology issues.  While at the Franklin Square Group, she advised some of the most innovative technology companies in the world as they entered new and generally regulatory heavy markets. 

Ryan also previously served as Director of Government Relations for the Intel Corporation. During her tenure at Intel, she handled the strategic legislative and political engagement of Republican offices and members in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. In this capacity, she served as an advocate on a wide range of issues including: competition policy, cybersecurity, immigration, intellectual property, privacy, tax, telecom, and trade. 

Before joining the private sector, Ryan served on the Senate Judiciary Committee for six years as Counsel and then Chief Intellectual Property Counsel for the Full Committee under the Republican Leadership of Senators Hatch (R-UT) and Specter (PA), respectively. While on the committee, she worked on intellectual property and civil law reform legislation, the Supreme Court nominations of Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Samuel Alito, and the passage of nearly a dozen bills into law. 

The culmination of these experiences contribute significantly to her in depth knowledge of how to effectively navigate the legislative and political processes.  

Ryan is a member of the Virginia State Bar and holds a J.D. from University of Richmond School of Law and B.A. in Philosophy and Communication Studies from Vanderbilt University. 

In her personal time, she sits on the board of several organizations devoted to mentoring individuals interested in the intersection of law and politics. 

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